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“Nadine’s work gives me a lift every time I look at it. One of my favourite pieces is a commission piece beautifully put together for my family. It is perfect and radiates the feeling of light fun, freedom, hope and joy In these tricky times it’s just a wonderful thing. Thank you Nadine for creating a delight for us. ”

- Nicci, Saint Lucia, Brisbane

Phoning upstairs
Phoning upstairs . 2020

Shine On
Shine On . 2021

“Shine on,
A reminder that even in the most challenging times,
to embrace the childlike innocence, draw in the golden light,
spread your wings and soar through life with lightness and joy ”

- Deborah, Brisbane, Australia

“She’s a very special Angel who has watched over our family in good times and in the tough, thank you for sharing your super talent Nadine!”

- Jodi, Cooparoo, Brisbane

Angel with Bird
Angel with Bird . 2004

Inspiration . 2014

“I loved Nadine’s work as soon as I saw it. To me its light, whimsical and calming all at the same time. I love her use of colour and there is something intrinsically spiritual and earthy. I love having a bit of Nadine and her unique personality in my home and my beautiful piece lights up whatever room it is in.”

- Fiona, Brisbane, Australia

“Nadine's beautiful abstract gives me pleasure every day. The joyfulness of her colours, rising up through the centre, are so positive and optimistic.
Their translucence reminds me of water, sunshine and a tropical breeze on my face on even the darkest day. Thank you Nadine for the smiles and the happiness your art brings to my home.”

- Robynne Kilborne Blake, Brisbane

Light Architecture
Light Architecture no.11 . 2012

Love Life
Love Life . 2016

“Your art is truly beautiful and every piece is absolutely alive - giving comfort and joy.”

- Michelle, Brisbane, Australia

“She is so very special and looks over us in our new house.”

- Sabine, Sydney, Australia

Joy . 2015

Reverberation . 2013

“For exactly 20 years I have witnessed Nadine Sawyers abstracts, mixed media, objects and installations morph and meander through moments of pure joy, beauty, fragility, sadness, desire, excitement and spirited humour. Her exploration of the essence within, enveloped against a backdrop of an often dissnant world and that which sometimes desires much audacious humour in order to embrace is light hearted in her whimsical, bold and perhaps even deliberately ambiguous child-like display of colour and texture; all the more embellished by her talent for free form and gutsy immunity from conventionalism. I get it. I really get it. As does my home. It is full of it.”

- Rebecca Schubert, friend and customer

“This painting is now over the staircase, so every morning, when we rise and go down to the kitchen we look at your harvesting angel and have a good day (Also every time we go down from our studio).”

- Ernst Hablutzel, Switzerland

Fruit Tree
Fruit Tree . 2013

New World
New World . 2013

“Your beautiful paintings exude joy and I know that they will bring a smile to my face each day that I look at them! Thank you again! Feeling very blessed that our life paths have crossed!”

- Megan Ferguson, Brisbane, Australia

“Nadine's work is vibrant and energetic, able to cheer the heart and home. Through the repetitive use of flowers and birds, we are encouraged to go out and play with nature. Her angels bring a heavenly quality and a call to tread gently on our earth and to be grateful. The dots in her work feel like the energies of life and that we each have our own path to follow and explore. Her work is lovely and suits many environments - the office, a little girl's bedroom, the living room, office space, kitchen. Nadine is a keen gardener, lover of organic living and when she is not painting, you will find her arranging flowers, watching documentaries and being a part of community projects. Her art brings me joy on a daily basis.”

- Janmaree Lowe, Redcliffe Peninsular, Australia

Pretty Angel with Bird
Pretty Angel with Bird . 2013

Beautiful Nature Angel
Beautiful Nature Angel . 2013

“This bright and joyful piece brightens any space I bring it to. it's full of new beginnings and growth. It is like a spring time every time I look at it. Thanks Nadine!”

- Kate Marsh, Port Vila, Vanuatu

“Nadine's art has brightened many a room in our home for the past 5 years. We love her art work it is colourful, fresh, inspiring, and fun.”

- DeStefani family, Brisbane

Harvest Angel with apricots and lemons
Harvest Angel with apricots and lemons . 2011

Angel of the Meadow
Angel of the Meadow . 2011

“When I look at Nadine’s work it reminds me that as human being’s we do have a deep connection with the natural world.”

- Candice Herne, Montville

“I love, love, love, my two Nadine Sawyer paintings - you can never have too many angels in the house! Every time I look at them they make me smile -I love the gorgeous colours and details - still seeing things I haven't seen before - we have recently moved and I love seeing them bring life to our new house making it a home.”

- Watson Family, Brisbane

Dream a big dream
Dream a big dream . 2012

Angel with Bouquet
Angel with Bouquet . 2008

“I recently lost my partner to cancer - I came across a shop in my local area called ‘Art Pop Up shop’ where I met Nadine and her mother - they were warm and welcoming, Nadine has gone out of her way to look after me I now have a good friend - I bought a few of her works and they have helped me with my loss - her work spoke to me and when I look at it has helped me get through - Don’t stop painting people need and love your work.”

- Mark, Sunshine Coast

“Nadine Sawyers gift to animate an imaginary space is what captured my attention. She blends the real and the fantastic. In all her work and stages of her life Nadine's colours are a living, integral part of the picture and are instinctive rather than actual. In Nadine's hands, formations and ideas become supple and imaginative.

Within Nadine's paintings there is empathy, sorrow, and happiness. These emotions springing from either her own experiences her hereditary or more so from her poetic temperament. These are the qualities that draw me to her art work time and time again.”

- Alexandra Ranken, Brisbane, Australia

Nature . 2011

Angel Following Birds
Angel Following Birds . 2011

“Nadines paintings evoke joy, are vibrant and have a wonderful innocence that you can feel.
Her angel and abstract series are family favourites highlighting our living and studio areas.”

- Peter & Yoco, Queensland

“I adore my colourful angel. She sits well on the white walls of my tropically furnished house here in Port Vila, Vanuatu, keeping a watchful eye on us all. She is certainly noticed by visitors and is a source of discussion and attention. This is a stand out piece of art and I love it.”

- Faye Taylor, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Angel with bird and blossom
Angel with bird and blossom . 2009

Pacific angel with bird
Pacific angel with bird . 2009

“I have purchased a number of Nadine's paintings as I love their colours and innocence. I have had many clients comment on her pieces in my office. Some saying they remind them of the painter, Marc Chagall. I love the angel motif and find her work uplifting and joy a look at. Her cards and tea towels are also well-admired!”

- Anna Clarkson, Clinical Psychologist, Queensland

“Nadine Sawyer - Daughter of Joy

Nadine's expressionist paintings are fresh and alive. You'll find a Nadine Sawyer work in almost every room in my home, some times more than one! And I hope in time to collect others so as to enjoy the flowering of this beautiful artist.

Contemplation forms a significant part of my daily life as does the cultivation of my aesthetic awareness - to me Nadine's paintings grow in flavour and tone over time and the pleasure of 'listening' to them I count as a gift. I could write a great deal about the underlying strength of form and the harmony of colour, about the subtle and confident character of her line or the free spirit of her brush stroke but in the end I would rather tell you that her art is full of that stuff, that spiritual water, called Joy for which we all thirst.”

- Florence Forrest
May 2011

Angel smoking
Angel smoking . 2008

Lobster pot
Lobster pot . 2004

“The painting we have hanging is a daily Joy.”

- Micheal Blamey, Melbourne

“I have a very personal relationship with the artwork I have purchased off Nadine. It really speaks to me and all I can say to you do as I did and buy it. You'll have a piece to treasure forever. Love your style Nadine, keep up the awesomely inspired work.”

- Tony Barlow, Sales consultant

Hey ho lets go
Hey ho lets go . 2009

Angel with green sox
Angel with green sox . 2007

“The whimsical free form of Nadine's paintings along with the vibrant colour selections bring alive any interior space - Injecting fun and frivolity......I love Nadines' work!”

- Georgie Forlico, Interior designer

“Shes so amazing and wonderful and beautiful! I love her so much she blows me away.”

- Nardia Renny, Naturopath

Athena and the three birds
Athena and the three birds . 2011

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