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About Nadine

Nadine Sawyer


“To me Nadine's paintings grow in flavour and tone over time and the pleasure of 'listening' to them I count as a gift. I could write a great deal about the underlying strength of form and the harmony of colour, about the subtle and confident character of her line or the free spirit of her brush stroke but in the end I would rather tell you that her art is full of that stuff, that spiritual water, called Joy for which we all thirst.”


My name is Nadine Sawyer. I am a Visual Artist. I’d have to say my artistic output is diverse in both medium and content: I create Abstract and Figurative paintings, Installation Art, I paint on ceramics and have designed a greeting card collection. I’m inspired by everything really - music, art, gardens, indigenous cultures, travel, the environment and the more ethereal side of life…….. Poetry is a very important part of my process – for me the making of art and the living of life are inextricably intertwined.

“I love being an Artist!”

It gives me a lot of pleasure seeing my art work enhance a space or make somebody smile. The creative process is ever evolving and it’s a true adventure every day. I am very interested in making art more welcoming and accessible to a wider audience.

With a Bachelor of Fine Art from RMIT and a Masters of Arts from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia Nadine Sawyer has given herself to painting for over two decades. Having successfully participated in Exhibitions and Residencies both nationally and internationally, her work enjoys an avid following by those who know and collect her work. Founded in a devotion to the spirit and the soul, her work exudes generosity and blossoms with vitality in both colour and line.


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