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Art For Sale : Angel Paintings

Paintings available direct from Nadine or Tiffany (Tiffany Jones Fine Art Consultant)

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet, 2021

Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention, 2021

True Colours
True Colours, 2021

Golden Comet
Golden Comet, 2021

The Power of Love
The Power of Love, 2021

Evening Star
Evening Star, 2021

Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy, 2021

Angel Country
Angel Country, 2021

It’s a Miracle
It’s a Miracle, 2021

Diamond Light
Diamond Light, 2021

Perfect Geometry
Perfect Geometry, 2021

Joy to the world
Joy to the world, 2020

Golden Consciousness
Golden Consciousness, 2021

Wonderful life
Wonderful life, 2021

Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life, 2020

Golden Space Angel
Golden Space Angel, 2021

I Feel Love
I Feel Love, 2021

The Nurturer
The Nurturer, 2021

Peace, 2021

Shine On
Shine On, 2021

Presence, 2021

Once in a Life Time
Once in a Life Time, 2020

Gold, 2021

Everlasting Love
Everlasting Love, 2021

The Golden Path
The Golden Path, 2021

Phoning Upstairs
Phoning Upstairs, 2020

Promised You a Miracle
Promised You a Miracle, 2021

On the Wings of Happiness
On the Wings of Happiness, 2020

Geometry of Now
Geometry of Now, 2021

Sailing through the Heavens
Sailing through the Heavens, 2020

Beautiful People
Beautiful People, 2020

Lifes little pleasures
Lifes little pleasures, 2020

Contentment, 2021

Folk Angel
Folk Angel, 2021

Abundance and Gratitude
Abundance and Gratitude, 2020

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