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Beautiful Object Poetry Installations

The installations are called Beautiful Object Poetry and the idea evolved out of shows I had in Tokyo and South Korea in 2003. Beautiful Object Poetry turns each chosen site into location as poetic forum.
Beautiful Object Poetry is developing into a series of installations in both constructed and natural sites around the world. Locations will include small towns, deserts, beaches, universities, cities, galleries, gardens and the bush. There is no prerequisite to a location’s selection. The decision of location is to be based upon project momentum, continuum and evolution.
Beautiful Object Poetry installations consist of found and bought objects, man made, and natural, old, new, valuable and non valuable. All materials used will be locally sourced and will usually incorporate seasonal fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as objects from the site’s surrounding area. Each object will be chosen for its intrinsic ability to communicate local beauty.
The objects are painted white and assembled in a poetic way. The creative process is not specific, it builds upon itself locating beauty and poetry as it evolves.

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